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Consulting in Revenue Management, Talent Management in Hospitality

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The consulting and education specialist

for service companies - hospitality, tourism, travel

What can we do for you?

We design and operate a full range of services : 100% adapted to your needs, 100% useful, 100% inspiring

Serious games in Hospitality, simulation games in Revenue Management

Consulting in 
Revenue Management, Pricing & Distribution

Do you need to optimize your company revenues by boosting your Revenue, Pricing or Distribution strategy?

Looking to educate, develop, and certify your teams in these critical domains?

Let us guide you.

Simple adjustments are enough for any structure that wishes to progress.

But today only the most daring manage to adapt to constantly evolving markets.

Conception and animation of serious games in hospitality management

We design and lead truly useful & easily applicable professional games.

At Hotel Games, we strongly believe that learning should be fun!    

Our games, competitions and challenges in Hospitality and Revenue Management cater for all types of learners: from beginners to experts, from under-graduate to executive education.

Our gamified modules are designed to provide your teams or your students with the personal and technical skills they critically need to succeed in their career or their studies, with a touch of passion & fun!

Talent Management in hotels, jeux de simulation en Revenue Management

Design of global learning & development programs  for the services industry

Our team puts its expertise at your service to help you achieve your goals in terms of talent management and HR development. We can support you in your efforts to source and cast your future talents, to design smart and efficient recruitment, assessment, training, development and retention processes and tools.

We specialize in the commercial functions (Sales, Revenue, Distribution, Digital) of your business but we can always adapt to match your current needs.

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