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Our consultants and trainers have something really special:

not only they've gained a solid experience in the field

but they are also equipped  with excellent teaching skills.

Believe us, this is not so common!

At Hotel Games, we know that the key to success - for our clients - is to learn stuff that is directly in line with the reality of the business, but nevertheless delivered

with method, patience and professionalism.

Revenue Management training course
Training in Hospitality


Because it is essential for you, we strive to

constantly stick to your needs.

The content of our programs is tailor-made according to your expectations, strategy, tools, priorities and budget, in English or in French.

We can support you to design, implement, facilitate and monitor * training programs * simulation games *

professional certifications * sourcing, recruitment

and competency assessment tools.

You name it!


Nothing makes us prouder

than watching our clients and students

learn with commitment and motivation,

grow and achieve their goals.

Our pedagogy is essentially based on games,

the pleasure of learning, the analysis of concrete

and useful cases, easily applicable methods.

You will love it, probably as much as the hundreds

of people who've already experienced it!

Engaged learners in Hospitality
Training course with positive feedback, successful traing course


At Hotel Games, we love our clients so much

that we are looking at every option to support you.

We serve small & large businesses, for short and long missions.   We are based in Paris, France - but we can work with you wherever your are operating from, face to face or remotely. 

In terms of learning & development, we manage all types of projects: from large-scale master classes comprising dozens of participants down to individual hyper-personalized coaching. 

It's really up to you!

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